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#AskanExpert: What Are My Options for Student Loan Repayment?

Q. I was reading about the Navient lawsuit but also received a text in regards to it and wanted to understand this better. I’ve been paying this one loan for what seems like forever and I do pay extra each month. This loan started out at about $30k and now it’s at $50k. In the end, I’ll end up paying over $90k. I was in the military and my recruiter …Read More

#AskanExpert: Should I Remove Myself as an Authorized User?

Q. When I was under 18, my parents added me as an authorized user to one of their credit cards. However, since then, they have accumulated a lot of debt on that credit card that now negatively impacts my credit score. I am continuously getting denied from credit card applications of my own. In terms of damage control, is it better for me to stay on the card and wait …Read More

JOIN @NFCC for OUR #NFCCtips chat Tomorrow Friday, November 16th AT 3PM ET FOR A CHANCE TO WIN PRIZES!

JOIN @NFCC for OUR #NFCCtips chat ON Friday, November 16th AT 3PM ET FOR A CHANCE TO WIN PRIZES!   Follow #NFCCtips as we discuss retirement planning findings from our 2018 Financial Literacy Survey and tips to prepare for retirement! There will be 2 chances to win an Amazon gift card! 1-$25 Amazon gift card 2-$25 Amazon gift card Use #NFCCtips to participate. For an easy way to keep track of the conversation, …Read More

Seven Steps to Make Extra Student Loan Payments Count

The moment a student takes out a loan is not often the time they think about how to repay them. But, the reality is the moment you sign on the dotted line, you need to figure out how you are going to pay it back. However, for many borrowers this time has already passed. So, here are seven steps you can take to start making extra payments on your student …Read More

What You Need to Know About the UltraFICO Credit Score

Recently, FICO announced a new scoring model that will roll out in 2019 called the UltraFICO. The new model will allow consumers to provide their bank account information to prove they are more creditworthy than they appear.  By opting in, they may have a chance to qualify when they otherwise would not. According to FICO, seven out of ten consumers that show an average savings of $400 without negative balances …Read More

Join Our Spooky Halloween #SMALLBIZMONEY Twitter Chat Wednesday, October 31 AT 2PM ET FOR A CHANCE TO WIN PRIZES!

Follow #SmallBizMoney as we discuss how to establish a business credit profile and general credit awareness for Small Business Owners in honor of Credit Awareness Month!  We will be joined by @JayDesMarteau of @TDNews_US! Did you know your small business likely has a credit score of its own? Spooky, we know! If not, do you know how to establish a small business credit profile? Paying bills late can be dangerous for your …Read More

Selecting the Right Financial Counseling Organization for You

Regardless of your particular need, selecting the right financial professional is vital. Unfortunately some organizations, including some that label themselves “nonprofit credit counseling agencies,” may be more interested in their own bottom line than in helping their clients. Consumers need to know the difference when selecting a financial professional. And they must know the warning signs of a financial counseling agency who might not have its clients’ best interests in mind. …Read More

Business Loan vs. Line of Credit: What’s the Difference?

Positive cash flow, or working capital, as its often referred to is one of the most common challenges business owners face. Whether for payroll, inventory, equipment or any other expense, having extra funds on hand can go a long way toward keeping your company running smoothly. Not only that, it can also help you make decisions and take steps to grow your business.   You know you need working capital, …Read More

YouTube Live: Credit 101 and How to Improve Your Credit Score

Make plans to join our YouTube Live Expert Panel featuring Rod Griffin from Experian, Kim Cole from Navicore, and Bruce McClary from the NFCC as they discuss Credit 101 and How to Improve Your Credit Score on Tuesday September 11 at 4pmEDT! There will be a $25 Amazon gift card giveaway to one lucky viewer! To join us go to the link below! *In order to win you must be present …Read More

What You Should Know Before Filing for Bankruptcy as a Military Member

If you’re a service member or military veteran considering bankruptcy, you’re not alone. According to the National Bankruptcy Forum, more than 750,000 Americans file for bankruptcy each year, as do 1 in 10 active-duty personnel.   There are pros and cons to filing when you’re in the military. While you enjoy certain advantages over filing as a civilian, an improperly handled bankruptcy may have an impact on your security clearance. …Read More