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NFCC Client Testimonials

Prepare To Be Inspired

Meet some of the people that NFCC’s member agencies help every year. Maybe one of these stories will inspire you to get in touch with a credit counseling agency near you and start down the road to financial health. Begin a brighter financial future today.


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“I learned to honor and respect my money.”
Martha Souder, Maryland


Debt was crushing Martha Souder, physically and emotionally. Her first step in getting out from under her debt was turning to Guidewell Financial Solutions. She stayed the course despite the challenges that popped up over the three-and-one-half years she was on her debt management program, paying off almost $50,000. Now she is saving to buy her own home!

“We seek professional help for everything else in our lives, this is something you really need professional help for.”
Richard & Susan Ramirez, California


The Ramirez’s found themselves facing high interest rates and minimum payments on almost $100,000 in credit card debt that they couldn’t afford. Through employment ups and downs, health problems and the loss of their home, CCCS of Orange County helped them pay off that debt over 5 years and they came out the other side stronger and happier.

A wife’s wish to keep the home she and her widowered husband built over a lifetime.
The McBride Family, California


The McBride’s contacted CCCS of Orange County for help with a loan modification when the payments on their ARM home loan ballooned and become too much for them to afford. The McBrides and their diligent CCCS of Orange County counselor worked together for three years and the home was saved.

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