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Creditor Relations

NFCC’s Creditor Relations department develops and maintains relationships with senior management of national creditors and NFCC member agencies in support of the NFCC mission. The department’s focus is on working together with creditors and member agencies to assist consumers, with the primary emphasis on repayment programs for unsecured debt. The department works to enhance the visibility and improve the services and products offered through the NFCC.

How We Work With Consumers

The NFCC works with our member agencies and financial institutions to increase funding opportunities to help our members provide quality financial counseling at an affordable price, increase exposure so financial institutions can help guide their customers in need of assistance to quality agencies, and to develop a more streamlined service environment so consumers can get the help they need in a timely manner. We help keep our member agencies up-to-date on current creditor relations issues so they can better assist consumers by improving repayment programs for those looking to pay off debt.

How We Work With NFCC Members

As part of our commitment to our member agencies, NFCC’s Creditor Relations department is highly engaged with top national financial institutions to advocate on behalf of agencies. These interactions translate into increased agency exposure with the creditors, improved funding opportunities, and enhanced operating efficiencies. Bi-monthly conference calls are hosted with member agencies in addition to providing frequent written communications to keep members updated and informed on critical creditor policies, processes, and changes.

How We Work With Financial Institutions

NFCC’s Creditor Relations department is the primary liaison to the senior executives and operations managers of the top financial institutions. We develop and maintain partnerships that help banks and agencies work together to better serve consumers, and work closely to foster improvements to their repayment program policies and processes. In addition, the NFCC leads groups of stakeholders from within the financial counseling sector, including representatives from financial institutions, to advance issues of importance to the sector such as improving financial education, counseling, and debt repayment.

NFCC CARD Act National Locator Line

The NFCC operates the NFCC Credit CARD Act National Locator Line (NLL) which is fully-compliant with the Credit CARD Act of 2009 (CARD Act), and is available to our creditor partners. The NFCC Credit CARD Act NLL connects consumers seeking nonprofit credit counseling and debt-management services to NFCC member agencies.

    • Executive Office for the U.S. Trustees (EOUST) compliant
    • Utilizes the NFCC’s network of more than 600 local offices – SEE MAP
    • Automatically connects callers to the nonprofit agency of their choice
    • Easy implementation onto your credit card statements


NFCC Credit Solution Plan® (CSP®)

The NFCC Credit Solution Plan (CSP) is a streamlined protocol for enrolling eligible consumers on a debt management plan – simplifying the process for credit counseling agencies and financial institutions, and structuring clear and consistent debt repayment options for consumers. Under the CSP, agencies provide consumers with a uniform financial counseling protocol, and financial institutions agree to offer a clear and consistent set of repayment concessions as a part of the debt management plan.

Consumers seeking more information about debt management plans (or DMPs), click here. Credit counseling agencies seeking more information on how to provide CSP services to your clients can download CSP implementation resources here or can reach out to info@nfcc.org for more details.

For more information contact Olivia Di Biase, Director of Creditor Relations & Program Analytics, at 202.677.4326 or odibiase@nfcc.org.

Paul Kaloustian
Senior Vice President, Group Operations Manager
Bank of America

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Executive Vice President
Wells Fargo