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NFCC Staff

Sherrill Berk

Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Pam Carter

Senior Director, Office and Membership Operations

Barry Coleman

Vice President, Counseling & Education Programs

Olivia Di Biase

Senior Director, Creditor Relations & Program Analytics

Jeff Faulkner

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Ellen Goury

Vice President of Finance

Eric Griffith

Development Specialist

Rita Johnson

Executive Administrator

Peter Klipa

Senior Vice President, Creditor Relations

Timothy Madigan

Director of Accounting and Federal Grants

Bruce McClary

Vice President of Marketing

Stephanie Metzger

Staff Accountant

Courtney Nagle

Associate Marketing Manager

Rachel Peniston

Manager, Partnership Programs

Matthew Ribe

General Counsel and Strategic Projects

Rebecca Steele

President and Chief Executive Officer

Megan Stout

Manager, Partnership Programs