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Scott Laughlin

Executive Vice President, Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Buffalo

Scott Laughlin is the Executive Vice President for Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo, Inc.  Scott joined CCCS of Buffalo in 2005 and joined management in 2006.  He’s been responsible for Client Intake, Community Outreach & Education, Creditor Relations, Client Support and Quality Improvement.

Scott is a certified consumer credit counselor, a financial literacy educator, highly engaged with all aspects of operations with the agency, experienced with data and statistical analysis, and forecasting.  He strives for quality, innovation, effectiveness and efficiency.  Under his leadership, CCCS of Buffalo has improved client retention by nearly 10% contributing growth to the DMP client base by nearly 60% in only a few years.  Scott led several Six-Sigma projects while also directly seeking improvements in other areas for rapid success.  Scott also leads CCCS of Buffalo through COA reaccreditation, having completed 5 reaccreditations to-date.  He facilitates relationships with key regional creditors to enhance their Debt Management programming, and advocates on behalf of all members regarding concerns associated to national creditors.

As a member of the CMA, Scott brings his extensive agency background to the table on critical strategies being determined.  He has been a strong advocate of fair and equitable treatment of all member agencies by ensuring our articles of incorporation and bylaws are upheld.  He’s also worked on numerous projects within NFCC Working Groups in the past.

Scott served as Co-Chair of Erie County’s Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) where he helped County staff with guidance on issues affecting more than 700 volunteers, and personally contributes his time to help host their annual recognition event until retiring in 2021. In 2019, Scott retired from his leadership position with his church, Treasurer of Pilgrim St. Luke’s United Church of Christ, after leading several projects to restore the church’s financial stability.  Scott lead the SouthTowns Coalition of Community Services for 5 years, consisting of over 30 members; and was the Board Secretary for the Good Neighbors Federal Credit Union (Proposed) prior to tendering the project to a local credit union who was able to move the mission forward.  In 2013, Scott was honored to receive the Champions of Justice Award for Consumer Advocacy by the Erie County Bar Association.  Scott enjoys spending his leisure time with his godchildren, painting, and managing his family-owned business.