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Kristin Bastian

Kristin Bastian, Council on Member Affairs Member

Financial Education Director, Origin SC

Kristin Bastian is the Financial Education Director at Origin SC, located in North Charleston, SC, and has been with the agency for six years. During her time at the multi-service nonprofit agency, she has worked in several different divisions and has experience in counseling and educating a diverse population.

Kristin has been focused on the financial education programs for the past 4 years in counseling, operations, and management of all facets of financial education, coaching, and counseling. She has served on both NFCC Monitoring and Compliance and Membership Subcommittees for the NFCC for several years, and currently serves on the Council of Advisors on Consumer Credit for the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs. Kristin is a graduate of the College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.